Low-E glass
Energy-efficient glass coatings that manage solar heat - a man and woman sitting together

Manage solar heat with energy efficient glass

All surfaces reflect, absorb and transmit heat. Guardian low-emissivity (low-E) glass helps control the transfer of heat to help make buildings more comfortable, energy efficient and filled with natural light. As one of the world’s largest glass coaters, Guardian offers numerous low-E solutions that can achieve the proper balance between light and heat.

How it’s made

Technological advances in the last three decades have produced systems and equipment that can coat glass with razor-thin, neutral coatings. These coatings are made with extremely thin layers of metallic oxides and other compounds to achieve specific optical and thermal properties. Depending on the layers used, coatings can manipulate light, reduce heat gain or loss, and achieve a desired color or aesthetic.

Watch the videos below to see how Guardian adds low-E coatings to our glass.

How Glass is Coated

Solutions for any climate, any setting

No matter the location or application, Guardian low-E coatings can help meet your expectations for light, comfort and sustainability. We offer high-solar-gain coatings designed for cold northern climates, and low-solar-gain for hot southern climates. Explore our solutions for residential and commercial spaces below.


To see all the low-E coatings that Guardian Glass has to offer for residential settings, explore the ClimaGuard® product line.

Guardian Glass - ClimaGuard - 80/70 - man and daughter playing

ClimaGuard 80/70

ENERGY STAR® Northern Zone

Selectively lets visible light in to brighten and warm northern homes naturally, and provides insulation to stop heat from escaping

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Guardian Glass - ClimaGuard - 72/57 - man listing to music, snowy landscape and mountain outside window

ClimaGuard 72/57

ENERGY STAR® Northern and North-Central Zones

Provides ample light, solar heat gain and retains heat indoors in climates with cold winters

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Guardian Glass - ClimaGuard - 53/23 - photo of young African America woman reading on sofa with glass of juice

ClimaGuard 53/23

South-Central and Southern ENERGY STAR®Zones

Cools homes in warm, southern climates with triple silver protection to lower solar heat gain and U-value

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Guardian Glass - ClimaGuard - IS-20 - a group of friends playing a game

ClimaGuard IS-20


Enhances performance by lowering U-value of standard low-E windows to help meet energy codes

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To see all the low-E coatings that Guardian Glass has to offer for commercial applications, explore the SunGuard® product line.

Guardian Glass SunGuard SNX 62/27 - Golden 1 Center exterior photo

SNX 62/27

The most impressive light-to-solar-gain ratio from SunGuard coated glass天天看高清影视在线官网全集在线观看 最新破解版下载,国产经典AV欲女公厕在线观看 mdash 免费播放观看在线视频

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Guardian Glass North America - crane shed commons

SN 68

Clear exterior appearance, 68% light transmission, 38% solar factor

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Guardian Glass SunGuard - Hearst Corporation building


High-performance architectural glass that helps architects and designers Build With Light®.

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